A collection of papers about meteor spectroscopy, stellar spectroscopy, spectrographs and related subjects

Meteor Spectroscopy

Calibration of Meteor Spectra, Martin Dubs and Koji Maeda (Proceedings of the IMC 2016):

A practical method for the analysis of meteor spectra
Martin Dubs, Peter Schlatter (WGN Journal, Ausgabe 43-4, 2015): Meteor_Spectroscopy_WGN43-4_2015
This can also be accessed in Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/1509.07531

Meteor Spectroscopy, Presentation at OHP, 2018: MeteorSpectroscopy OHP 2018

Presentation at VEGA Spectroscopy conference, Salzburg 2019:
Meteor Spectroscopy Salzburg 2019.pdf


M_spec manual for calibration and meteor spectra processing, current version:
M_spec Python manual
M_spec manual for correction of instrument response:
Instrument response
M_spec manual for fitting synthetic meteor spectra:
synthetic meteor spectra

Old manual pipeline processing Meteor Spectra with IRIS, ImageTools, M. Dubs 2018:
Processing meteor spectra V15

Meteor spectra

Captured at Maienfeld
archive 2019: Meteor spectra 2019
archive 2020: Meteor spectra 2020
archive 2021: Meteor spectra 2021
current 2022: Meteor spectra 2022


Dispersion of the DADOS Spectrograph (published in Spectrum 38, p 13, in German):
DADOS Spektrum 38

Echelle astigmatism, Technical note M. Dubs 2011: echelle_2011_3-astigmatism

Presentation 2012: Echelle Spektrometer Design


Processing echelle spectra with ISIS, prepared for IAC80 campaign, M. Dubs 2013:
Processing isis-data-reduction-short-guide-v1_2

My publications and patents

ADS publications Martin Dubs

Espacenet Patents Martin Dubs

WIPO Patents Martin Dubs

Google Scholar Publications Martin Dubs

Thesis Martin Dubs, ETH-Z, 1980
Messung der homogenen und inhomogenen Linienbreite
vibratorischer Uebergänge matrixisolierter Moleküle mit Diodenlasern

A spectroscopic investigation of a chemical reaction (dissociation of Methylnitrite), showing the energy distribution of the fragments (translational, rotational and vibrational energy): Laser spectroscopy of chemical reactions Dubs

From my time as theoretical physicist (an exercise in laser spectroscopy, only for experts):
and one of my first publications:


Biography of Gustav Bickel, President Astronomical Society Arbon, 1897 – 1964: Gustav Bickel 1897-1964