From the first notes, observations with a 12 cm Newton telescope:

Saturn 1960
a page from my notebook
Newton Arbon
12 cm Newton with English Mount, on the roof of Arbon castle, overlooking lake of Constance

English Mount, portable

For photographic observations, the 11 cm, F/20 Schiefspiegler was built mainly for moon and planets. In addition, two aerial cameras could also be mounted (one WILD, f25 cm F/4.5 with plates 13 x 18 cm left, the other a Kodak Aero Ektar F/6 610 mm, with plates 9×12 cm, right)

Schiefspiegler Fotokamera
Schiefspiegler and astro cameras (13×18 cm and 9×12 cm glass plates) 1965
Mond ca1965
Moon, 1st quarter with Schiefspiegler

The telescope could also be used for other objects, e.g. birds on the lake of Constance:

Cormorans solarisation
same with solarisation

Comet Ikeya-Seki 1965