Meteor spectra 2022

Another year has passed with many meteor spectra. Here (meteor spectra 2022) is the report of these spectra, recorded at Maienfeld during the year 2022. The spectra were recorded with a DMK 33GX249 camera from The Imaging Source (thanks to Roger Spinner for giving me this camera), equipped with a Kowa LM16HC f: 16mm F/1.4 lens and a Thorlabs 50x50mm, 600l/mm grating. All the spectra have been analysed with my Python script, based on the image transformation to an orthographic projection, freely available from Github. Starting from end of march, spectra have been analyzed by fitting synthetic spectra to to response corrected 1st order spectra when meaningful.

Synthetic meteor spectra

Creation and use of flat field for meteor spectroscopy

Atmospheric extinction, Python processing

Update for meteor spectra processing with Python

Instrument Response


Meteor spectroscopy Python scripts on Github

Meteor spectra 2019

I have analysed my meteor spectra recorded during 2019 with a Watek 902 H2 ultimate with my Python script M_Spec (Meteor spectra analysis, new version). For each meteor a peak image of the spectrum and (if available) of  the meteor viewed by a second overview camera is shown, plus some details of the processing (calibration lines and fit polynom). The result is shown as an overview spectrum and/or a spectrum of the first order. The results are not corrected for instrument response. The results are presented here:
Meteor spectra 2019

Perseid meteor spectrum at OHP

Spectroscopy workshop at OHP

OHP observing site
Perseid spectrum

Polar Lights near solar minimum