In previous posts I have described the analysis of meteor spectra with different methods, first using conventional software then with dedicated Python scripts. Lately I have added a windows graphical user interface (GUI), which simplifies the analysis of meteor spectra ( Now that the scripts have been tested I made them publicly available at Github (


In addition to the meteor spectra analysis script described before, I also added a script for the calibration of the camera – lens – grating combination, M_Calib:

M_Calib menu

With this script you can:

  • extract images from video clips
  • add images to composite spectra
  • measure line positions in the spectra
  • determine parameters for the transformation to an orthographic projetion with a least square fit procedure
  • display the results of the fit:
result of least square fit

Meteor spectrum analysis

The results of the previous analysis with M_Calib are used in M_Spec, the script for the analysis of meteor spectra:

M_Spec calibration of meteor spectrum

This has been described before in a previous post (, so I can keep it short here. It allows to:

  • extract series of meteor spectra from video files
  • apply background correction
  • apply transformation to orthographic projection
  • register and stack meteor spectra
  • apply tilt and slant correction to spectra
  • add rows to convert 2-D spectrum to uncalibrated raw spectrum
  • calibrate spectrum with at least one known spectral line
  • plot calibrated spectrum
spectrum captured at OHP

The scripts can be downloaded from Github. They are arranged in a folder together with additional files for testing and a manual for detailed instruction on how to use these scripts.

The easiest way is to download a zip Folder and unzip it in a test folder:

I recommend to use different folders for calibration and spectrum analysis (eventually, the two scripts will be combined to a single one, but this may take some more time).

Try it out, comments are welcome.

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