Spectroscopy workshop at OHP

Every year, a spectroscopy workshop is held at the site of the Observatoire de Haute Provence, where around 50 spectroscopists, beginners and experts, meet for a workshop with lectures during th day and observing during the night (www.shelyak.com/ohp-spectro-star-party-2019). I used this opportunity to record meteor spectra in a clear sky and present the method to other spectroscopists.

OHP observing site


I captured a nice perseid in the night of aug. 3rd, with a Watec 902H2 ultimate, equipped with a 600 l/mm grating:

peak image from video capture

The analysis of the spectrum was done with Python, as described in meteor spectra analysed with python.

calibrated spectrum, first order

More details on the processing can be found here:

Have a look also at my other posts on this website, e.g.:
or look at my recent presentation about meteor spectroscopy at the Salzburg VEGA conference earlier this year:
Meteor Spectroscopy Salzburg 2019

Greetings to all participants of the OHP star party!

ready for observation!

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