New Publication in eMeteorNews: Slow Meteors

by Martin Dubs, Stefano Sposetti, Roger Spinner and Beat Booz

Slow meteors are studied with video observations and spectroscopy. A comparison of their orbits and spectra points to a common origin. Although they do not belong to some meteor stream, they deserve to be studied in more detail. The present paper tries to make a first attempt to characterize the common properties of this class of meteors.

1       Introduction

In a previous paper (Dubs et al., 2017) we studied two slow meteors with very similar orbits. Having some more observations of slow meteors with a similar spectrum we started looking more closely for slow meteors. As our meteor group has been collecting data for over two years we searched our database of video meteor observations for similar meteors. Using the velocity vg (geocentric velocity corrected for Earth gravitation) as a selection criterion we found a sufficient number in our database for a study of their properties. A connection of these meteors with near Earth asteroids belonging to the Apollo family is postulated.

A visitor from Mars?
The full article can be viewed at:
A print version is available here: Slow Meteors
The article has also been published in eMeteorNews:  offline


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